View from the installation
at Hara Museum Tokyo Japan 1987

In the Greek mythology there is the well-known story of Narcissus,
a youth who was completely absorbed by the reflection of his image in a pond.
Trying to kiss the image, he forgot himself and fell into the pond and drowned.
A metaphor for an introspective and noncreative state of mind,
but also a symbol for the discovery of the self, the reflection of self, for the discovery of the image.

This installation is recalling the ancient myth of Narcissus.
But the pond is now telling its own story, inviting the spectator to meditate
over the image ridden society of today, fragmented, multiple, endless.
Narcissus can no longer see himself in the pond, but he can make the choice
of sinking into oblivion through the images projected, or to reflect in a creative way
over the contemporary form of image communication.
Sound: A counter tenor chanting medieval tunes


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