View from the installation
as seen at the exhibition "TANKEN FLYGER" at Kulturhuset, Stockholm 2002.

Our memory is not like a printed book with an unalterable text,
but rather like a flickering screen with countless images appearing and disappearing.
Not only do we register what is happening right now, but complicated interior processes are
also milling what has happened to us earlier: adding, erasing, recreating, stocking
in various ways... How many times do we change personality during our life?

On the floor of the space lies a gigantic open book, abt 1,50 x 2,50 m. sculpted in white salt .
On the pages of the book a video projection is shown: images from my private
photo/film/video-collection in an attenpt to show my own concept of my self to the public.
Behind the book stands a pillar, showing a series of pictures from a
scanning of a brain (mine) where the word "memory" appears from time to time.
Approaching, you will hear a young voice enumerating various substances that affect
our brain and our memory.


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