S O F T   F A C T O R Y  

Although such an important part of our body and life, the human cell is still a mystery
and there are many things we don’t know about it. We cannot see it with the naked eye,
only with the help of powerful microscopes. This Virtual Reality presents the imaginary
inside of a human eukaryotic cell, enlarged about 300.000 times to become a gigantic
space in which we can move around and imagine what the interior and the various
organelles could look like, were we very very tiny...
Sound illustration by Naoki Tate.

was constructed at KTH Stockholm and at the Medialab of Aalborg University Denmark 2008-2009
and presented on the giant triple screen of the the MediaLab at Aalborg University in 2010

Special thanks to
Konstnarsnamnden/The Arts Grants Committee Sweden
Professors Bjorn Obrink and Anders Zetterberg of Karolinska Institutet KI Stockholm
The Center for Parallel Computers, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
The Institute for Media Technology at Aalborg University Denmark
Tree C Technology B.V., The Netherlands


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